Turtle Reign
Berry II grand daughter from our Zoey x Hunter litter.


This litter of Zoey x Hunter has 2 Champion KNPV Bloodlines one from each side.  Plus this litter was linebred on Bowy which is Hunter’s father (sire.) This breeding will be repeated as we have Hunter’s frozen semen just in case !

2010_ 2013 Father Champions

 Hunter and Zoey at a park a few weeks before breeding.

Zoey Hunter II HunterZoey bar Zoey breeding Framed sm



Below is a picture of Zoey’s brother and litter-mate Domingo, below the picture is more info on him.
Domingo 1

Zoey’s litter mate and brother, Domingo BRN 22680,  PH I 437 CL (Ridderkerk, 04-10-2013) also a winner at koppelwedstrijd Dommelen 2013.



Domingo , son of Berry II and full litter-mate to our Zoey.

Domingo 2

 Domingo , son of Berry II and full litter-mate to our Zoey.

Domingo and his grandfather below,  look at both there eyes.  Alert and ready is how we like our dogs.   Intelligence is mandatory no matter how great their drives are.

  Below is Bowy (BRN 6514) Bowy is the father of Hunter and he is also the grandfather Zoey.   So our Turtle is linebred on Bowy.  So if he was good enough to produce Hunter which produced the famous Big Roy from Hans Pegge he should make for a great breeding female in Turtle.   We have already turn away a few buyers with some great offers to purchase her so it is clear she shows her stuff very well, we are sure pleased with her skills and look forward to her offspring soon.



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We are located in southern Florida on an acre of of land with plenty of woods for shade and we use our own evaporator A/C system which is now ran in part by a solar panel and our safe kennels are secured by a custom made shipping containers.  We are not your average run of the mill type of business.  We are pioneers, thinkings, watchers and doers.  We stand firm in our methods of training that go back to our childhood where we started loving nature and all that God has given us.

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