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2yrs old Spike

Coming soon, frozen semen from Spike, he has been tested and collected already.   We are just waiting for a few things before we make the shipment.  We are trying to get more straws from a couple more dogs.  Spike was in the Air Force for most of his life so he was not bred but he has been now and his pups are doing fantastic.   Check out the videos on Spike’s page to see his pups.  He is a special Duco II breeding from none other then Mokkink Malinois.

Clover x Spike bloodline Study

Anka Mokkink
Anka Mokkink Bloodline Breakdown


 Below there are two breeding studies of our females,… (  Zoey and Clover ),…  Zoey is a Berry II daughter BRN 18529, we have one litter from Zoey x Hunter, we kept Turtle and Trigger.

Talk about having some Berry II, Boomer and Zoey will be loaded with it !     We have to put this match-up together and we are building a fort to house these pups in because we got a good idea about what it will take to keep them, 2015.

Bloodline study for possible breeding.


Below is our match up of two champion bloodlines; a daughter “Zoey”from the 2010 stud dog champion “Berry II.  Then the father “Hunter” of Hans Pegge’s big Roy the 2013 Ph I champion.   We will be doing this breeding again as we have frozen semen from Hunter in the bank, just in case we can’t do a live breeding.

Hunter x Zoey _doc(1)

Below is Rooster’s bloodline, and what may appear to be the classic Tommy x Berry match-up from the Netherlands, but it is not.  Rooster is  a very unique dog !   He has 3 lines of  Tommy Luijken but yet his body and build are more like his grandmothers father Berry II.   Rooster is a super confident male challenging Clover right from the start. He does things different then most dogs.  Rooster and Clover have been trained with a laser pointer as they both have killing hunt/prey/ and fight drives..  A very loyal and loving dog with a super social serious side, a gifted dog after your heart.    For us Rooster is a one of a kind !   You have to know that Rooster is something unique when Clover the leader of the pack picks him as her favorite.  We trust her with our lives as she proved herself at 7mos old.


Rooster Reign
BRN # 22811


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