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Boomer new bomb logoBoomer is so much like our Berry II daughter Zoey with his over the top drive,  his pushing bite.  Boomer will wear the back of his mouth down to were it is bleeding in about 2-3 workout sessions.  He is a very extreme dog in everything he does.   He is social, but he prefers to pick his people, preferring women to men.   A little on the big side mostly by his massive muscle weight though.   He is  very smart  with lots of maturity, able to make decisions and quick judgements, a quality we look for in a male.   He is a very  confident male, nothing scares him, I believe this dog could go straight through a burning home if he needed to.   In the 1980’s I bred and worked many pitbulls, real pits that scratched til the end, and boomer reminds me a lot of character at time.   He is a scary dog to see in person and he knows he knows how to rule, it comes natural to Boomer.  A true stallion like character, he is pure quality a real trick pony.   He has shown  insight at different times over the past year of working with him, and he continues to impress.  We can not wait to see what he produces with all the tight J.Puts, Berry II and a double shot of Tommy Luijken from Bunker.   Boomer a son of Bunker the son of the famous Tommy plus he already had Tommy bloodline, so he is inbred back to Tommy, an excellent producing stud, one of the best in the world.


BRN 18529
Zoey BRN 18529

Zoey,   a Berry II daughter !   Not sure I need to say any more then that but if one word could sum her up it might be “intensity.”  Her levels are the most extreme of any dog I have even known, her and Boomer are super extreme workers.   At 78lbs she is the strongest female dog I have ever own and I used to bred pitbulls back in the mid 1980’s.  Maybe it’s her drives or her intensity levels or maybe it’s her growling bites that make her?   I can not wait to mix her offspring with Clover’s offspring,  strength intensity and intelligent  genetics!     Amazing to have her in the pack she really brings the game level up, a true world class bloodline and her pups are showing it now.

Clover Framed II sm   Clover, the leader of the pack, by her sixth sense ?  The other dogs seem to just know it, even Zoey seems to show her respect not that Zoey backs down.  Clover will rise up to take control ever time they get a chance to meet.    She is full of it, confidence and her ability to make assessments of any situation she encounters spiritual or physical .   She keeps all the other dogs in line and will even scold them after I have to corrected one of them, she comes running in and gives them a knock down.  I mean it she will run in hard and body slam them with her chest and knock the other dog down.   I have never seen a dog like her she is a  truly  gifted dog in many ways.      We really named her right,  Clover in Irish means “think of me”  and that is what she does to you, she will make you think about her  and you will not forget her.Rooster Reign

Rooster is out of Bunkerdogs “Pablo” x Lexi.”  He really takes after the Berry II side of Lexi from his smaller build.  Rooster loves people but has an extreme work side, this is where Rooster really shines in comparission to other dogs.  This on/off switch is straight from his sire Pablo.    He  is always confident, even is movements are different then most dogs,  one that he showed us right away when he met Clover for the first time.   He has super solid nerves, and if I didn’t know Boomer and his bloodlines I might pick him over Boomer and it seems this last heat cycle of Clover’s she seemed to pick him as well.   Rooster and Clover seem to have a relationship all their own.   He is the only male that stands up to Clover and for that he has earned his place with her.   Boomer and Clover have a different connection, Boomer just knows he is the pick were Rooster tried to win Clover’s love.    Rooster and Clover also have something else in common they both will work with a laser pointer.   Rooster does everything well but his hunt drive might be his biggest drive, he really likes to hunt down and kill, he is not compatible with cats, he loves to eat lizards and has gotten a mouth full of poisonous frogs one to many times.  Rooster also speaks, he makes some very unique sounds when he wants something from you, it is kinda where I got his name from.


Ralley Ralley is a Hunter daughter from the Lara breeding.  Lara is a 2 x Victor.   More on her as she grows up, but so far she looks to be a breed-able female.   We now have two pairs of Hunter pups, one set from Lara and one from Zoey.    We are looking to reproduce a Berry II/Hunter stud some day, and we do plan on breeding the Zoey x Hunter match again as we did not get enough pups for people on the waiting list.


1st REIGN sm VV

Above is the breeding that made the  pups below, again we have kept two pups for testing.   We strongly believe it is a better way to know about the parents in a deeper way, a more complete annualizes you might say.   Pups showed possessiveness at 4 wks !    Turtle our female we kept has so far been a complete package of a little Zoey.  This is what we were really looking for and Hunter’s blood has shown to give them a switch as Zoey does not really have much of a off switch.   Zoey is a true hardcore working dog with strong nerves that never back down, and a crunching bite.

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