Spike Mokkink

Stud: Spike

Spike’s frozen semen is $1,500.00 USD per breeding unit.  This does not include shipping charges from Fedex in Florida.  We are in the process of making a direct link with Fedex so you can calculate your shipping and track you shipment through their website.

   Please contact us directly if you need to 954-899-1077 . We have a 3 PAYMENT OPTION of $500.00 per payment- totalling $1,500.00 USD, and we our going to have a Ebay style auction for a breeding unit.    We are also looking for more studs to offer on the site please inquire if you want to advertise your titled Ph stock here, thank you K9reign.


2yrs old   Spike2yrSpike Flip II

    Spike is line-bred on Duco II of Mr.Seegers.  He has super appoteer- and loot drifting, almost to the extreme.  He was only 2 years and 2 months when he recieved his certificate KNPV Policedog I 381 C  (Mr. S.L.A. Buitink, Ruurlo) also has a
Cert.Luchtmacht (619) and has until recently served as a service dog in the Air Force.  Spike has a very social character.   Watch the videos showing Spike’s offspring, he produces quality pups.

  Spike really never got a chance to be bred as he was bought up by the Air Force.   He received his Ph I title at 2yrs 2 mos old that is very rare.   This is a unique chance to own a very different line-breeding on Duco II. We saw this chance for a different Duco II breeding and we are making it happen.  Not only does Spike’s bloodline make for some line-breeding on Arno Mokkink and Rambo v. Rossum with our female Clover which also lines up with Wibo v. Leeuwen in Clover’s bloodline.


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